Dr. Dieter Becker


Dr. Dieter Becker studied Pharmacy at the University of Freiburg in Germany and got his license as Pharmacist in 1984. He finished in the year 1988 his thesis in Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Freiburg on Oxygen-Transporting Blood Replacement Fluids

Business Experience

After the thesis he worked for several years as a laboratory head at Ciba-Geigy in Switzerland on oral solid dosage forms. During this time he could develop several products that were successfully launched (Cibacen TM, Femara TM). In 1994 he was promoted within the pharmaceutical development department and leading a service group. The group was responsible for dissolution test, bio-pharmaceutical assessments especially in-vivo-in-vitro correlations, equipment evaluation and programming an electronic batch record software.  

After the merger of Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz to Novartis (1997) Dr. Becker was several years responsible as a group head for the development of oral solid dosage forms in early and late phase development up to hand-over to production. During this years several articles on compression behavior of tablet masses with instrumented tablet presses were published. In 2001 Dr. Becker took over the responsibility for the team that develops special delivery dosage forms for poorly soluble drugs (e.g. SMEDDS or micro-emulsions, solid dispersions). After 3 years he had the opportunity to extend his knowledge on life-cycle management (LCM) of Novartis drug products by leading technical feasibility studies with drug delivery companies comprising technical, legal, IP and business aspects. He also is assessing drug delivery technologies and evaluating the Novartis drug product portfolio for LCM opportunities. In his last 5 years Dr. Dieter Becker worked on difficult to formulate development products especially using bio-pharmaceutical know-how and methods to optimize formulations that had a Pharmacokinetic issue. 
In his 25 years in pharmaceutical industry he worked on or supervised more than approx. 100 product developments in all phases from research to market introduction and published several scientific articles and patents.

Products launched where Dr. Dieter Becker significantly contributed to the successful and timely development and launch of the product:

Trademark of Novartis
Trademark of Eizo - Licensed out from Ciba-Geigy to Eizo

Trademark of Novartis

Trademark of Novartis

Trademark of Novartis

Trademark of Eizo - Licensed out from Ciba-Geigy to Eizo

Trademark of Novartis

Trademark of Novartis & Orion Pharma


(Trademark of Novartis)

Voltaren Rapid Liquid 50mg Softgelatin Capsule approved October 2014 by Swissmedic 
(the Swiss Health Authority)

Trademark of Novartis