Numbers4Drugs Excel Sheet is designed to collect numerical data important for Pharmaceutical Drug Product development. 


The data sheet provides a template so that you find specific data on the same place, can easily share this data with colleagues and preserve know-how. This download comprises an example filled with many data. Try it and experience how a systematic and hyperlinked data pool will make your life as scientist and formulator much easier!

Numbers4Drugs Excel data pool system consists of the the following files (in the zip file):

  • Excel: Metoprolol-Numbers4Drugs-data-pool.xlsx

  • User manual: User-Manual-Numbers4Drugs-Data-Pool-Excel-Sheet.pdf

  • Open Access: 15 PDF files

Please download the Excel file and the Numbers4Drugs pdf file (about 10MB) and follow the instructions in the user manual Numbers4Drugs Data Pool Excel Sheet  to set up the Numbers4Drugs Excel Sheet system. I have worked with the system on my PC, a file server (NAS), SharePoint and Lotus Notes.